Japan Blog 2013 #3 Osaka Immersion I

The last 5 days of my trip to Japan were spent teaching the Immersion I program in Osaka hosted by  Anusara® Inspired teacher, Tomoko Oda.  These 16 advanced yogis are very strong in thier studentship. They arrive for the seminar 30 minutes early. When quizzed  they know the material and ask amazing questions. They participated in Asana, Meditation, deep satsang on history, Philosophy and self inqury on how to take the yoga teachings into their lives.

The group bonded and opened their hearts so beautifully to each other. Each day their reserve began to melt away. Their hearts opened, their bodies worked to find a newer more refined alignment. Their committment and strong discipline are so inspiring. I cannot wait to return to Japan  and teach Immersion II in February.

Tomoko is working on booking some workshops  in a town north of Tokyo.  More Winter Japanese adventures coming soon!!  Every time I return to this amazing country I am moved by the warm welcome I receive from the people here. They truely treat you like you are part of  their family.

Here is a sweet picture of my translator, Noriko and her daughter Mako-chan. Tomoko was having fun playing with this 8 month old baby. Our translator fed the baby, translated, changed her diapers and never even blinked.  Wow!  Mako was so happy to be there and everyone enjoyed her sweet smile and little voice singing along whenever she could.


Arigato gozymus!  Thank you all.