Vibrant Living Tribe

Vibrant Living Tribe


“I have learned so much from this course about living and breathing! I felt stuck in the same place with my diet and exercise. With Vibrant Living, I learned that small incremental changes to our lifestyle will stay with us more often. Now, this is a plan, a practical plan. I am excited to keep on this path and become a bona fide yoga devotee.”

Vibrant Living  graduate

When I launched my first Vibrant Living health and wellness tribe in 2015, I had no idea of the scope of this program and how it would impact myself and my students. My intention at the time was to help bring the practices of yoga and mindfulness into every aspect of our lives. I never imagined how powerful the spiritual, physical and emotional transformation would be, but I have watched hundreds of students transform their lives with amazing results!  

The Vibrant Living Tribe , based on Cate Stillman’s Body Thrive, takes students through 10 life-transforming health habits during a yearlong journey of self discovery that will nourish your soul and encourage deep inner and outer transformation.

The deep internal growth includes:

  • Increased mental clarity & focus
  • Enhanced creative output and expression
  • Mastery over your relationship with food (losing and maintaining weight loss effortlessly without dieting)
  • Healing of chronic digestive disorders (gas bloating, IBS, acid reflux) and allergies
  • Decrease in the incidence of chronic depression and anxiety
  • Dramatic improvement in your relationship to your Higher Self including more confidence, self-love leading to improved communication and intimacy with your partner and family members.
  • A more positive outlook on life
  • Deep nourishing sleep that allows you to awaken in the morning before the alarm ready to start your day

Over the course of a year, the group works together to shift our identity so that we begin to transform:

  • Self esteem & body image
  • The experience of aging
  • Sensuality as it relates to our libido
  • Our energy and stamina
  • Emotional equilibrium through life’s ups and downs
  • More self-confidence

 Joining this tribe will transform your ability to honestly observe yourself to determine the obstacles that are holding you back from having the life, body, health and wellbeing you have always wanted.

The gift  vibrant living  is the inner and outer transformation that happens slowly and incrementally so that your new emerging identity is established and grounded in a deep commitment to uncover your deepest essential Self!


   You will learn skills to enable you to:

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Structure your daily routines so that you stay healthy and have vibrant energy throughout the day
  • Prepare and plan for time-efficient healthy meals that are nourishing and help you maintain a healthy weight without dieting
  • Structured activities that will help support your health and mental/emotional well being
  • De-stress through daily habits of Meditation & Yoga/exercise
  • Experience less inflammation in your joints, muscles and your respiratory system
  • Increase your Health Span vs Life Span (dramatically improving the quality of your health for whatever time you have on this planet)
  • Bi-annual seasonal 7- Day cleanse (Spring and Fall)

Welcome to The Vibrant Living Tribe!!

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  More Praise for the Vibrant Living Tribe

“Having completed the year long Vibrant living journey,  I can say that the experience exceeded my expectations. It is not magic–I worked at it–but it was easier and more fun than I expected. The habits I have developed make me feel good in body and spirit. In the past I have tried many different methods to “break my bad habits” but but with Vibrant Living I have seen them melt away, little by little.

Jacalyn is an excellent leader and she put together a terrific group of people who were willing to change. It really helps knowing that she is doing the work with us, and her compassion, enthusiasm and humor have been a great support to us all.

– Cheryl Dolinger Brown

“I gained an entirely new perspective that is aligned to my priorities. I am empowered in my personal and professional life because of the habits I refined in this course. The people I met were so powerful and supportive through my journey. This is really a new chapter of life.”

“I enjoyed the tribe, its structure and the 10 habits. I am always seeking new information and tips of being healthy and Vibrant Living  fit my philosophy quite well! The group support and weekly check-in calls really helped me focus on the habits and learn from others. I lost weight immediately (which is always a goal as my weight can creep up easily).My very favorite new habit is the body-breath exercise before breakfast.

Gail Corvette