Meet Jacalyn




The magical journey that has brought me here has taken me through many kookie and surprising adventures introducing me to people, cultures, and experiences never imagined in my childhood games of “Let’s Pretend…” back in Dayton, Ohio.

I have been blessed with loving companions and compassionate teachers who have guided me in my Sadhana (sacred path) encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone to explore new realms and horizons. 

It has been my greatest dream to live and work in a conscious community, focused on the upliftment of all beings. My yoga journey began in 1981 when my brother introduced me to a famous Guru at an ashram upstate.This event launched a new direction in my life that eventually led me to the Anusara yoga community and the World Yoga Center.

It was through the Anusara practice and community connection that my dreams became real. I became a Certified Anusara® Yoga Instructor in 2001, a Licensed Certified Yoga Health Coach in 2015 and served as Co-Founder and Former Director of Certification for the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga

By combining the two elements of yoga and health coaching, I realized that all of these amazing communities were aligned with my own swadharma (true path) – to bring  more light and vibrant health to the world! I have been helping students find their light and vibrancy ever since.

I joined a heart-filled Anusara community in NYC  in 2004 when I started collaborating with Rudrani Farbman,  Director and Founder of the World Yoga Center. Rudrani and I  have  co-led five 200 hour Teacher Training programs, nine Immersions and many annual meditation and yoga retreats. This truly dharmic partnership has nourished and nurtured many aspiring yoga teachers and students into stepping into their own Swadharma(true path). 

Through my association with Anusara yoga I have been invited to train teachers and students in Japan, China, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Mexico. Training teachers and mentoring teachers to become teacher trainers has been a huge blessing. I am so honored to report that these gifted Anusara teachers are growing the Anusara community all over the world. 

I offer public classes, private sessions, yoga retreats, workshops and teacher trainings , as well as my health coaching community, Vibrant Living Tribe . I invite you to participate in this beautiful community of the heart. If you would like to have a free consultation/session to discuss your health goals let’s connect.  My deepest desire  and passion is to support my students in learning tools that will support them in having a life filled with passion and meaning!  

About Anusara®

Anusara® yoga is based on a unique set of concise bio-mechanical alignment principles called the “Universal Principles of Alignment™.” The Anusara yoga community and teachers promote personal growth and transformation of the mind, body and heart.

Through a deep connection to the strong, diverse and heart-centered community, and with the regular daily practice of asana, meditation and breath-work, Anusara yoga students learn to become deeply connected with their Essential Self.

Anusara becomes a haven for students who value a total yogic experience beyond physical fitness. Students and teachers alike are encouraged to grow at their own pace. The Anusara yoga community is made of yogis and yoginis of all ages and ethnic backgrounds who are joined together in a deeply transformative journey of the heart that leads them towards their True Path (swadharma).

My Teachers

I want to thank the  amazing teachers who have inspired and supported me on my path including Gurumayi Chidvalasananda, Rudrani Farbman, John Friend, Ellen Saltonstall, Doug Keller, Cate Stillman, Tom Myers, Martin Kirk, Cyndi Lee, Ganga White ,& Tracey Riche.

“I have practiced yoga with Jacalyn for 20 years now. Her enthusiasm for bringing people together in community is infectious.  Her intense focus on the principles of alignment in her  classes results in a true feeling of well being.  Jacalyn gently invites each student to go deeper into the broader yogic practices which in turn connects us to our innermost selves and encourages us to explore and examine our path in life with positive energy, intention and love. She leads by example, and I would strongly recommend studying with her.”  

– Hannah O’Grady