Immersions & Teacher Trainings

100 Hour Immersion 

The Immersion program starts in January 2021 and is the first level of a two year program that is open to all students, new and seasoned alike. Enter this program to discover the wisdom and transformational power at the heart of Yoga. The core teachings are based on the expansive philosophy of the Tantric masters which kindles new awareness. Participation will take your practices to a revelatory level and move your life forward.

The immersion weekends include hatha yoga and meditation training, fundamental study of philosophy, group inquiry and the building of a committed community. In between weekends, through weekly hatha classes, inspired readings, and the ongoing guidance of the trainers, Immersion students remain in contact with the authentic essence of Yoga.

Participation will take your practices to a revelatory level and move your life forward.Through Immersion weekends, regular Hatha Yoga classes, meditations, inspired readings, and the ongoing guidance of the trainers, students experience a sustained contact with the essence of Yoga. The radical, life-affirming philosophy of Anusara yoga facilitates new levels of awareness and openings of the heart.

The prerequisites for this program is the 100 hour Anusara Immersion

“Once the teacher training started, I went through a walk back to my own innocence and true nature.  As I cried an avalanche of tears, a few false selves and many samskaras fell away.  Some went easily and others required a chisel. This training allowed me  to move the center of my life to my own heart…..Somehow, in the training, as the scars and coats came off and I could travel more into higher energies, it was as if my manifested self and my Great Self became inextricably bound.  It will be this way for the rest of my life.  I am crying with gratitude as I write this. Gratitude to my teachers and to the kula and to the energy that aligned and cracked me open and is still taking care of the pieces as I come together.  I am forever changed.”

– Paula Z

“My life has changed so much since the immersion.  Its amazing to me because my immersion really forced me to look into my relationship with success.  I find myself suddenly financially stable and thriving in a way I haven’t before,  surrounded by unbelievably brilliant and creative and successful people.  Its amazing that I lived with that stress for as long as I did…what an almost rotten apple I let myself become! I don’t think I could’ve found my way to this stability and peace of mind without yoga– I try to use the tools I developed over those six months as best I can. To do my work with a feeling of seva. To find spanda in the rocking of the subway cars and throngs of bodies during rush hour. To experience this moment of my life as another layer, as a learning experience.”

“Taking this two year training was by far the best decision I have ever made in my life. There is an energy between us all that feels like the bond of family. We have seen one another through an incredible transformation. My trainers have been inspiring role models. They are tireless in their devotion to nurturing us and passing on the teachings and they never stopped believing in our greatness. I gave every bit of my heart to this training. I watch the teachers from the last training and long to blossom just as they have and I’m confident I will with patience and dedication.

“The immersion and TT at the World yoga center is a happening made of the inspiration and foundation of Eternal teachings that are beyond time.”