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Discover the luminous essence of your Inner Being filled with bliss & enthusiasm. 


Connect to the intuitive wisdom within that once revealed flows through every aspect of your sacred journey.


Learn to live in tuned with Nature to experience ease and peace.


As a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher & teacher trainer and Certified Health Coach it has been my deepest desire to live and work in a conscious community of fellow seekers dedicated to bringing healing light and love to the world, their families and to themselves.

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I have now joined the teaching staff of YogaVibes. This video is a preview of a class called Honor Your Ancestors on YogaVibes. If you join YogaVibes and put my name “jackieprete” in the discount box you get 25% off to have access to this and 2 other Anusara yoga classes.

“Jackie provides all the resources to sharpen the tools that are required to live fully. Her class has quite literally changed my life. I am more calm, more focused and aligned with priorities which are important to me and my community.”