Yoga Health Coaching


I would like to introduce you to my latest passion. I hired a Yoga Health Coach. Cate Stillman, last Fall and my life changed dramatically.

  • My hot flashes went away
  • I lost  9 lbs over 10 weeks, 3 more over 3 months,
  • I started sleeping better waking up before the alarm full of beans and ready for my day.
  • My skin is softer and more radiant
  • I have great and more consistent energy
  • I have an increase in creativity
  • My yoga and meditation practice have become more consistent and more fruitful.
  • I have better focus and less stress. I feel more energized than overwhelmed most of the time.
  • My connection to my nearest and dearest radically changed. More intimacy and more authenticity.
  • I feel more positive and less afraid of going into my Wisdom Years with a plan of action on how to keep healthy and evolve my health.

Along with taking this program I entered a Yoga Health Coaching Course to become a health coach. It was dramatic that I just began to share my transformation with my students and my first 10 week program was enrolled in February. My second group started in April , 3rd group in July and fourth group in September. These programs enrolled themselves. The buzz around my classes was “What the heck are you doing you have really transformed your body and your energy.”

The results are in from the courses I have led this year so far:

  • People sleeping through the night for the first time in year
  • Weight Loss 20 lbs, 14 lbs, 12 lbs. 5lbs in 10-12 weeks
  • Shifts in primary relationships to more authenticity and stronger boundaries around health issues i.e. eating lighter dinners, turning the TV off after 9:00pm during the week, getting up earlier.
  • Waking up in the morning and exercising in the morning, jogging, doing yoga, calisthenics.
  • Incorporating better choices regarding diet. Eating mostlly plant based foods.
  • Coordinating food preparation to have prepared fresh wholesome foods on hand ready when you come home late and are starving.
  • Energy shifts and more of positive outlook on life
  • A  72 year woman who has IBS ( Irritable Bowel syndrom) who is now in remission, running the reservoir in Central Park . Her digestive issues are very much in the background.  She said she got her life back again!!

I am signing up folks for a Free Strategy Session for my next session starting in January A group is gathering for 10 teleseminar sessions either by phone or live at my house. We usually meet for 90 minutes Saturday mornings around 11:00am. Each group can set thier own call time. Each call is recorded so you can be live on the call or listen to it later.

The strategy session is to see if this program is for you. My questions for you are:

Do you have the time and resoruces to transform your health and mental outlook on life?

Do you have the intention to make changes that will lead to possibly a longer and more vibrant life filled with energy and a renewed sense of self and well being?

Can you make your health and well being a priority in your life?

I send you all much love and respect,