Samavesha Anusara® Yoga’s 2nd Annual Gathering in Martha’s Vineyard

Anusara® Yoga 2nd Annual Yoga Festival September 2015

What an amazing gathering it was! 150 students and teachers from all over the world joined the New Anusara® School of Hatha Yoga’s 2nd annual yoga festival. People gathered from Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Australia, England, Germany and all over the states.

Rudrani, Jana and I arrived on a beautiful sunny hot day. On the Ferry ride over we ran into Manoj and a conversation immediatly began about how the Anusara® school has grown since our last gathering in Phoenix September 2014.

We were invited to stay with our host, Kansas, who rolled out the red carpet and welcomed us into her lovely home. The weather started getting blustery. Hurricane Joaquin was converging on Martha’s Vineyard!! The weather did not dampen our spirits. In the timely words of Jeremy, Jane’s husband, “Anusara® has weathered stronger storms than this!!”

Shantala and Bill Mahoney came in the wind and rain offering beautiful music and a deep exporation of the Pratabijna Hrdyam. We didn’t even notice the hurricane as we were enveloped in a loving blanket of Shakti.

There were great classes led by Jayendra Hanley, Karen Sprute- Frankovich, Jeannine Plaiche, Jaye Martin, BJ Galvin, Jeannie Manchester, Tiffany Wood, Denise Stottman, Peter Goodman, Manoj Chalem, Rudrani Farbman, and more. Visit our website for great photos, videos, and testimonials from our gathering.

I was honored to teach a five hour Therapeutics Training called Diamond Core/Soft Radiant Heart. I was so happy to share this training with enthusiastic Anusara® Yogis from all over the world. I hope to have a link to the video of this class up here soon. Stand by!!

I want to thank especially Jane, Deb, Doc and Donna, Kathy and Tanya for their amazing seva to bring us this event. We are looking towards the West Coast for our next gathering Fall of 2016. I hope you can join us. Details will be coming soon!

I also want to thank everyone who came in a hurricane to gather for this amazing yoga festival. Our Kula has not only survived 2012 but is now thriving and growing. How to see you next year!!

Much love