Blog #2 My Day Off in Ibaraki, Japan May 2014

After teaching five workshops in three days I was treated to a day off that included a lovely tour of a "Flower Park" in Ibaraki and a delicious lunch by the sea next to a fish market. The fish was fresh and the Beer went down really well. 

We walked through Hitachi Seaside Park  We got to see a huge hill of  blue Nemophila flowers in bloom. It was a bit chilly but the sun kept peaking in and out of the clouds all day. It was great to be outside in the sunshine. There were many tours of retirees visiting on a Monday afternoon along with groups of small children in uniforms . It was heart warming to hear the children's  squeals of delight  as we hiked up to the top of this hill covered in blue flowers. We saw mountains in the distance


and the sea nearby.

Afterwards we drove to the sea and strolled through a fish market filled with a huge variety of  fresh fish,  the sellars singing out out their wares, and the plenty of free tastings on offer.  We saw squid drying on a merry-go- round, tasted fresh oysters in  lemon and soy sauce, and sampled fermented sundried fish that was soaked in soy and sesame seeds. There were vendors grilling fresh Squid right in the market. The smells were heavenly!



We lunched at a restaurant that reminded me of the open air lobster joints in Maine. Sitting upstairs at wooden tables and gazing at the sea, we shared life stories and  a huge lunch of fresh sashimi and grilled snapper.  I even tasted Uni!!! (Oishi!!)


Yuko and Yuchan were great hosts although neither spoke much English. It took a lot of patience and their electronic translator apps to get through the day. We were speaking about our families, Yuchan's work as a personal fitness trainer and yoga teacher, Yuko's  three kids and their school schedule, their partners and how they met,  and Yuko's yoga studio in Ibaraki, Yogapurna. She has a  strong and loving kula who are filled with enthusiasm for Anusara® Yoga and the teachings and practices of mediation and asana.  It is amazing how communication is so much a manifestation of intention.

Near the end of the visit. We were saying goodbye to the sea. I asked them to make a wish and send it to the ocean and see what comes back. Yuchan wants to share yoga with everyone in his life and people all over Japan.  Yuko asked the ocean to help her enroll a teacher training and to have me come and teach again in Ibaraki.  I asked to return to this lovely kula and to have Anusara® be embraced by the Japanese community in Ibaraki.  I asked for support so that we can share this heart expanding practice to the people of Japan.


     IMG_0965   IMG_0972


Some fun pictures of the Ibaraki kula in the workshop! Vasithasana to Hanumanasana! Surya Yantrasana.


IMG_0925 IMG_0929 IMG_0930 IMG_0940 10386930_576885389096650_6619713440608548298_o-1 10257477_576885139096675_1786689836107633467_o-1 10338442_576885522429970_7965463797445471668_o