Song Of Your Heart

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The Song Of Your Heart Mp3 is a vigorous Anusara Yoga practice for the more advanced student, who wants to round off their home practice with some guidance and support. It will help develop flexibility, strength and the voice of inner guidance.


I want to welcome you today to join me in a practice of Hatha Yoga. It is my deepest honor to share this practice with you.

The Song Of Your Heart is an Anusara yoga practice. I have chosen a sequence that is designed for the student who has already mastered the basics skills and is ready to take their practice to the next level.

This practice will help build strength and flexibility.

If you have been practicing yoga with a teacher, and would like some encouragement and guidance to accompany you in your home practice, this Mp3 is a perfect solution.

The Song Of Your Heart is made especially for the student that is moving from beginner towards intermediate level. They know the basics of foundation, have a good understanding of their own alignment, and want a good and vigorous practice to round out their home practice.

Before I discovered yoga and the amazing spiritual journey that accompanies this practice, I saw my life as a series of reactions to whatever was on offer that day.

I would have a dream or a vision and then see all these obstacles popping up. Life seemed random. Why were some folks having so much more fun than me? I was suffering.

Through deep self inquiry and study of the teachings of yoga I discovered that there were different philosophies at the core of this practice.. All of these philosophies had great and practical advice to offer.

The philosophy that drew me deeply to my heart is the Tantric philosophy revealing that at our very nature we are filled with love, light and bliss.

That once we listen to the Song of our Heart and to the guidance from within we remember who we truly are.

Through the practices of Hatha yoga, study of the teachings of yoga, mantra repetition and mediation, we can begin to witness and appreciate that everything we experience is here to help us expand in a deep and profound way.

The joys, sorrows, triumphs and obstacles are all here to help our souls become more seasoned, mature and able to become carriers of the message that at our very core we are the embodiment of goodness and beauty.

The challenging poses of this practice include:

1. Handstand or L-Pose
2. Forearm Stand
3. Full Wheel or Bridge Pose
4. Side Plank Pose

You may choose between level 1 or level 2 of the poses in this practice. Make sure it’s the right choice for you on any given day.

Some days you may want to explore a deeper expression, and others may be days to back off. Allow your inner guide to lead your way.

I invite you to step into the flow of grace that carries us along our sacred journey.We will make a strong vessel to hold the beams of consciousness.

Let’s celebrate this day, this practice. Let’s cultivate Courage (Virya) and Faith (Shraddha) for our sacred journey.