7 Day Mindfulness Challenge


7  Day Mindfulness Challenge

This Challenge is the perfect way to kick off your wellness journey, with a supportive community that has your back.

~ You are in the right place. ~

During the 7 Days of Mindfulness Challenge, you’ll learn:  

  • Better Eating Habits
    How and what to eat during the day to keep your energy and satiety levels high, whilst nourishing your body with all the good stuff. No more late night binges or fast food – kick your cravings and welcome the goodness into your life.
  • How To Relieve Stress
    Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises – learn about simple and effective techniques that will help you get through the tough times without reaching for a snack.
  • How to Move Your Body
    Ditch the couch potato lifestyle and learn how to spend your time in an active + fun way – together with your loved ones. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. I’ll show you how you can incorporate movement into your daily routine.

No overnight solutions and no excuses either! Get the support you need and start living the healthier, happier life you’ve always wanted!